Cissusrepens holds great potential to be used as a novel drug

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Cissusrepens holds great potential to be used as a novel drug

For centuries, humans have been finding cures for diseases in plants. traditional herbal medicine is based on the fact that plants contain natural substances that promote health and alleviate illness. An important and well-known plant in this aspect is Cissusrepens. It is a tropical rainforest vine distributed in tropical regions of India, Africa, Arabia, Sri Lanka, and South Asia. It has distinct heart-shaped leaves and a woody climber, with leaves arranged in a spiral.

This plant’s roots and stems were used in folk medicine as a treatment for snake bites, rheumatic pain, nephritis, long-term coughs, diarrhea, epilepsy, stroke, abscess, and diabetes. A team of scientists undertook a study to provide a scientific basis for the use of this plant as traditional medicine.

They concluded that it is the presence of phytoconstituents that is responsible for the actions. Hence, providing a scientific basis for the use of the plant Cissusrepens as a therapeutic agent. The plant is a boon for the herbal medicine industry as it exhibits antimicrobial, antioxidant, and dose-dependent cytotoxic effects. More research is needed to isolate the constituents responsible for the particular biological actions.

This study discovers the possible antimicrobial, antioxidant, and cytotoxicity of phytochemicals that can be beneficial for the Pharma industry in developing herbal-based drugs. This study will help the researcher to uncover the critical area of cytotoxicity that many researchers were not able to explore.