Potential Probiotics May Enhance the Immunity and Growth in the Chicken


Potential Probiotics May Enhance the Immunity and Growth in the Chicken

An increase in the human population is a challenge due to scarce available natural resources to feed them. Protein is a major part of our food. The increase in global population has led to higher food requirements especially protein derived from meat sources. According to Skarp et al. (2016) informed that duck, turkey, laying hens and chickens is the most common domesticated birds and major meat producer in the world that covers  70-80% of global meat production. So, poultry is a preferred protein source by the population of the world due to easy accessibility and comparatively inexpensive. In developing countries, the improvement in the infrastructures specialized for the poultry industry has enabled businesspersons to improve their poultry businesses to commercialized and highly modernized systems.

Antibiotics are one of the notable medical discoveries of the 20th century that have long been used worldwide in the animal industry since the 1940s for treating or preventing several illnesses. The major concern is the misuse of these antibiotics that consequently increase antibiotic-resistant microbes. Aliyu et al. (2016) informed that the Chicken meat can act as a medium for the transmission of multi-drug resistant bacteria to consumers. Salim et al. (2013) informed that about 25,000 patients suffered from the contaminations caused by drug-resistant bacteria and died each year. Therefore, the adoption of antibiotic growth promoters in livestock feed has been banned by several countries. Dhama et al. (2014) observed that withdrawal of antibiotics was a great challenge for the poultry industry to maintain production performance, as the feed costs have increased and the prohibition of antimicrobial use in feeds caused a high rate of mortality in poorly maintained flocks. So, these is an emerging approach to overcome this problem is to replace antibiotics with probiotics.

Probiotics are living bacteria that are considered as ‘good bacteria’ especially beneficial for the digestive system. These Probiotics are added to animal feed purposely to improve the host’s health by giving them an adequate amount. Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are a common bacterial group generally applied as probiotics to enhance animal health by modulation of the immune system and protection against pathogens.

Novel research published in the Pakistan Journal of Nutrition to identify and characterize the potential probiotic features of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) from the gut of local breed chickens. The team of researchers proposed the use of these LAB isolates from the gut of local chicken breed as potential probiotics agents to enhance the immunity and growth in the chicken.